Project and Heavy Load Logistic

Project transportation concept is based on basics of forwarders. In short, Project Transportation is to transport heavy loads out of standard sizes from a point to another in a way out of standards.

Project transportation companies are seen as real architects of delivery chain because they can transport load out of standards in the shortest time and most suitable way according to needs and requests of customer.

Project cargo is so sensitive about timing by its definition because big amounts are risked in case of late, damaged or deficient delivery of goods to final delivery point. Project cargo transportation requires expertness, experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, each logistic companies does not have sufficient equipments about this subject. This is our job.

Öz-Duy International Transportation has an important place between project transportation companies with its “door-to-door delivery” projects executed by specialist and dynamic team cooperating together for many years.

Öz-Duy International Transportation is one of the leading limited Turkish companies providing this service. We can arrange domestic or international transportation of your project cargos.

Our company knows which line will meet your needs at which point in the best way. It supplies special equipments (FlatRack, Opentop etc.) in the most suitable way in case you need. Sometimes it may require to deliver your project cargos in various delivery types (Train-Vessel, Air-Land, Sea-Land etc.). In such cases, we provide you all choices for your opinion with advantages and disadvantages after a precise work.

We can provide required equipments such as FlatRacks, FlatBeds, open-top container, tank container for chemicals for your different cargos of project. So, we can deliver all your domestic or overseas cargos.

Project cargos have much less choices such as delivery root, carrier compared to other cargos. That is why, cooperating with an experienced company for such transportations while arranging transport of your important equipments will protect you from invisible risks. Öz-Duy International Transportation is ready to find most suitable and most economic formula for your project cargos.

In the start of a project, we undertake studies of defining delivery root in case of need, acquiring required permissions especially for heavy loads and cargos in big sizes, organizing equipment and escort vehicles according to needs. All loading and unloading works are arranged with the observance of our experienced employees and with cranes and other equipments to be supplied by us if requested. By defining checkpoints on the root, business follow-up reports are provided to our partners daily and weekly.

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